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Information for Employers

We provide a flexible service for employers and job-seekers alike. Download our Employer Information leaflet for a detailed explanation of our services or click here to read what other employers have said about working with Apprentices for Business.


Norma UK Apprenticeship Case Study from London Apprenticeship Company on Vimeo.


Who is the employer?

That’s your decision. Apprentices for Business is an Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA). Our services provide companies with a completely different approach to the recruitment and employment of entry-level staff. We act as the legal employer and place our apprentices, graduates and interns with a suitable ‘host’ company. Similar to an employment agency, our ATA model manages all of the HR, payroll and employment functions, relieving the host employer of the administrative burden and costs involved in taking on a new member of staff.

If you want to employ them yourself we also provide a full ‘recruitment-only’ service that makes sure you get the best employee for your business.

Download our ‘Guide to Interviewing Apprentices’


Who organises the training?

We source and arrange any training for your employee, liaising with colleges and training providers to ensure delivery of an appropriate high-quality training programme that best matches the job role and helps your apprentice to develop the skills they need to perform better at work. Host employers can collaborate in this process if they want to. For a list of the training providers we work with see Training


Who supports them?

We all do. Every hosted apprentice is supported throughout their training by us, their supervisor and their training provider. Any issues relating to work or training can be resolved quickly and efficiently through us. Both host companies and employees have commented on how invaluable our support is in helping them through the Apprenticeship or training.


What else do I need to do?

Not much! You will need to comply with standard H&S requirements under the Health & Safety at Work Act (1974)…you will find all the information you need on the HSE website. You will also need to have current, valid Employer’s Liability Insurance.