Interns for Hire

Our Internships programme is a great service that helps employers recruit and manage interns. We offer:

  • Cost effective and low risk recruitment services
  • Legally compliant contracts of employment via our Hosting Model
  • Employment administration and payroll
  • Intern management and progression to Graduate Apprenticeships

How It Works

We made recruiting and employing an intern really simple. We offer two recruitment and management packages – both are designed to take all the hassle out of the process.

To meet some of our candidates and arrange an interview with one of them simply click on the image below:

There are lots of different models of Internships around, but at Apprentices for Business we would describe an internship as follows:

“An Internship is where an individual works so as to gain relevant professional experience before embarking on a career. Our well managed, high-quality internships are beneficial to both the employer and the intern. The intern should develop professional skills and an understanding of a profession by undertaking work of value for an employer. Employers can use internship programmes to identify and recruit motivated and capable individuals and progress them onto our Apprenticeship or Graduate Apprenticeship programmes”.

The duration of high-quality Internships can vary from 3 months to no longer than 6 months depending on individual employers needs.